Mango Yogurt Sorbet

This is another simple dessert -- similar to the raspberry yogurt sorbet, but I used less sugar (1/3 cup instead of ½ cup). Considering that you can easily get 6 servings from this recipe, that's less than 1 tablespoon per serving. Not much in the world of desserts.

  • It's important for the mango pulp to be nearly thawed. Otherwise, it will become a frozen mass that locks up the food processor (until it thaws). I've even made this with completely defrosted pulp and that works, too.
  • Speaking of thawing and freezing, I  think this was not really frozen enough before I served it to really qualify as a sorbet. Then again, it still tasted great.
1/3 cup sugar
14-ounce bag of frozen mango pulp, nearly thawed
32 ounces fat-free plain yogurt
  • Whirl sugar in the food processor a few seconds.
  • Add mango and whirl to blend with sugar.
  • Add yogurt. Whirl until well blended.
  • Place in covered container and freeze.
  • To serve, the container needs to thaw on counter 10-40 minutes (or longer). The time will vary with the temperature of freezer, the temperature of the room, and how soft you like it.
  • Scoop and serve.  Sometimes I scrape the top with a fork . . . which creates the texture of snow cones.

1 comment:

Sherry in NH said...

Oh yum, yum. I started out at the raspberry page but noticed the MANGO page so here I am.

I have tinned mango pulp. I'm thinking it would be good to "decant" it and partially freeze it.

Dave got me a Donvier ice cream freezer (hand crank, but only a few twirls seems to do the job) so I'm thinking this would be a nice inaugural recipe. I've pretty much stopped eating commercial ice cream because god only knows what's in it these days.

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