Watermelon Gazpacho

  • Since it requires no cooking, gazpacho is perfect for a hot summer day. Chilled gazpacho is refreshing. The complex flavor is a delight.
  • Some will find the olive oil too oily, so start with the smaller amount and decide how much you like. 
4 cups coarsely chopped watermelon
2 large ripe tomatoes, coarsely chopped
½ cup chopped red bell pepper
1-2 jalapeno peppers, seeded, deveined, minced
¼ cup chopped cilantro, parsley, or basil (optional)
½ cup minced red onion
½ cucumber, peeled, coarsely chopped
½ cucumber, peeled, finely chopped
¼ cup wine vinegar
1-4 tablespoons olive oil
juice from one lime (about 1/3 cup)
1 tablespoon cumin seeds (optional)
  • In a food processor, whirl each of the following separately until mostly chopped. Do not over-process. Pour into a large mixing bowl.
    • Watermelon
    • Tomatoes
    • Red peppers, onion,  jalapenos, cilantro, (parsley or basil)
    • Coarsely chopped cucumber. Do not process the finely chopped cucumber.
  • Add the minced red onion, finely chopped cucumber, wine vinegar, olive oil, and lime juice. If you prefer, you can add the cumin seeds now rather than use them for garnish.
  • Chill at least 1 hour. 
  • Meanwhile, if you plan to garnish the gazpacho with cumin seeds, toast them in a dry skillet for a few minutes until fragrant. 
  • Serve the gazpacho in chilled bowls. Top with a sprinkling of cumin seeds, if you wish.

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