Roasted Mushrooms

Before Roasting

This method renders lots of flavor and firm mushroom. No slippery soggy mushrooms for me, thank you very much! In fact, if you cook the tiny ones too long, they will become crunchy.

White vinegar (optional)
Olive oil
Sea salt or salt of your choice
Savory, thyme, or herb of your choice

  • For those who do not wash their mushrooms, this step is optional. Fill a bowl with cool water. Add a splash of white vinegar. Add mushrooms. Swish with your hands a few seconds. Pick off dirt. Rinse. Drain on a tea towel. 
  • Preheat oven to 375°
  • Line a jellyroll pan (or other pan) with parchment paper. You need a pan with sides, so the juices do not end up on your oven floor.
  • Preparation varies by mushroom variety:
    • Baby Bellas: Pop-off the stems. Trim bottoms of stems and set aside. Cut caps in quarters, halves, or keep them whole.
    • After 15 minutes roasting
    • Bunashimeji (Beech Mushrooms): Trim off the bottom of the mushrooms. I like to trim the whole bundle minimally so the entire clump remains intact, but that's not required. If you cut them apart, they will need less cooking time, or they will become crunchy.
  • Gently toss mushrooms with oil, sea salt, pepper, and herb of your choice. Savory adds a rustic flavor. One "glug" olive oil (1-2 tablespoons) is enough for 8 ounces of mushrooms. Mushrooms shrink a lot, so go lightly on the salt, pepper and herbs or they will be too salty. 
  • Spoon the mushrooms onto a parchment-lined pan. When I roast mushroom stems, I keep them in a corner by themselves, so I can easily pull them out and chop them before adding to other recipes.
  • Roast the mushrooms at 375° for 15 minutes.
  • Pour off any juices. Eight ounces of Baby Bellas, will render less than ¼ cup juice. It's a small amount
    but this is the way to avoid slippery slimy mushrooms. Save the liquid for a soup or other recipe, or treat yourself to a shot of this heavenly liqueur!
  • Return pan to oven and roast another 30 minutes. 
  • The finished mushrooms can be served with a steak, added to your favorite recipe, or served as is. I often chop the stems before adding them to a soup or an egg, vegetable or meat dish. I'm thinking, they would  be delicious on a pizza or in risotto or grits or a grilled cheese sandwich or savory muffins!

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